Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play for free with casino games?

Yes, of course many casinos offer this option. It 'a very practical and useful opportunity to learn to play and become familiar with the characteristics and rules of online games. Some are so sophisticated that they are used as simulators for many professionals in the game.

What online games are recommended to download at least for more chances to win?

Usually the games that you meet online all have a good chance of winning, usually mathematically certain categories give more possibilities.
Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker and Craps.

You can challenge other players online?

Yes Yes, of course you can play against other players and poker against other real opponents from all over the world and also other online games. How often are organized online tournament involving players from all over the world, the show is always guaranteed.

You can be sure to use the credit cards?

No doubt the credit cards are a safe way to pay your bets on all sites that you find in our page. All services are betting that our pages are safe because they rely on payment services and built high security. Please note that the transaction and the game is always exercised with secure connections, or SSL.

You can win real money?

Yes, of course. If you play online in a "real" you can win real money. Usually the payouts are made using its own currency, or if you prefer in a foreign currency of your choice (USD, GBP etc). Winnings are paid out on request using the software of the service by credit card, check, bank transfer or other methods of crediting chosen by the winner.

Which operating system you have to be to play?

For sites that require the download usually required operating system is Windows in any of its versions. At sites where the games are made in Flash, you can also use any operating system (Apple Macintosh, Windows or Linux).

You can withdraw the money at any time?

Yes, of course. You can request your money at any time. In some cases to take advantage of some bonuses may be required to achieve a certain number of bets (by amount or number of games). However, in all other cases there are no constraints in order to claim the money they have won.

You can win millions of money? You get high cash winnings?

With some games you can also achieve winnings worth millions of Euros and over. If they happen to these winnings you may want to contact a tax advisor in order to avoid inadvertent violations of tax laws.

The player's money is always safe?

Surely you, we can ensure that the sites that are listed in this site are reliable and that every deposit is safe. Imagine that the online casino business is so competitive today that a gambling den that try to trick players is almost completely unlikely. We do not know gambling halls where you have news of a management unreliable deposits.
Constantly monitoring the gambling halls to ensure that conditions remain safe for players and their deposits.

How can you be sure that it is not a rip-off?

Note that the accuracy of online games is ensured by a sophisticated random number generator that generates a budget payments in%. (the percentage of total winnings less bets on a monthly basis). The% is obtained from a reliable company recognized worldwide (Players Association On Line).

Who is in charge of the controls?
There is a non-profit organization, is called eCOGRA, which is dedicated to certify the safety and quality standards of the online sites, and to resolve any disputes between players and casinos. Ultrasound on the site there is a list of all casinos certificates.

It 's true that playing at an online casino is less secure than other games?

Not at all, all transactions take place regularly between the casino software and server company credit cards. So you can not play on an anonymous basis, thus avoiding 'the cloning of credit cards. To play require registration of your data and the use of all safety codes of their credit cards, and before you withdraw your winnings online casinos require safer as just standard sending a copy of your document identity.

What it means to play at an online casino?

It means to see on your display various games (roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps, slot machines, video poker, and many others) and you will have a pleasant feeling of playing in a real

What are the advantages of playing online?

One of the advantages is definitely that of a generous yield offered: propabilitą think that the mathematics of winning and get over 97%.
In addition, online casinos have all those costs typical of traditional casino (the staff, premises etc., And so on.) And can afford the advantage of offering vouchers for new customers.

The transactions are secure?

Yes, of course. The best casinos that are found on this site, use a system of digital encoding a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in order to protect your online transactions. This is the security standard for online transactions as demanded by the largest financial institutions.

What is the minimum age requirement to play at online casinos?

The online casino is for all people over the age of 18 years, or even still greater age than their jurisdiction. The access to the casino then it is forbidden to minors.

You hear about some gambling halls are "touched up" and their cards are arranged in such a way as to raise the pot, or to be at the expense of players online. Is all this true?

In short, this is a comment that we hear almost always, however, has no reason to exist. The deal is completely random.
The generation system of numbers and cards is assured and certified by bodies external control.
Players do not have to completely preoccupasi about it.
Just domansarsi that if a casino which usually earns a lot of money does not go to take the risk of being discovered to deceive losing his business just for some little money more. All these comments come from losing players and sometimes frustrated that they blame this invalid assumption. All of the rooms that are on this site have their own RGN (the device that ensures the random distribution) certificate recognized by state regulations.
The most popular games online, we repeat, are not absolutely rigged. It would be absurd to think the casino still remain online.
Ask yourself if you know on the internet online casinos that have cheated their players?

Are there any tips for a beginner?

In general, for the beginner, it is better to a calm attitude which will avoid possible disappointment. You better start cautious. The casino games first of all should be practiced with caution. As you know the virtue of patience helps, while the speed damage.

What is the best way to make a deposit and open an account?

The advice is to open an account such as NETeller or similar accounts. Are online banks that act as intermediary and allow quick and easy withdrawals from the account. This mode takes little time and is useful for players. The benefits are endless to open one of these accounts online. The deposit always goes to safe mode and there are no tricks. When you win enough and you want to pick, everything is easier with these online accounts. The casinos work with these companies ever since. For example, if you have an account in a casino you receive a lot of money, and you want to open another account to another room or you only want to transfer money from one room to another, it is much more convenient than with a credit card. When using these accounts, you do not ever puts in danger the money of their credit cards.

We often hear about the Expectancy Payout: what exactly?

The mathematical expectation of winning and 'an index so well known to statisticians and gambling. Generally, in order to explain better, indicates the book value of the risk / win ratio.
- A mathematical hope of winning low (as the Lotto) is negative: in fact, the manager of the game earn enough.
- A mathematical hope of winning high (as in a casino Online) is positive: in fact, was on average (depending on the game) more than 95%.

Lotto, lotteries, football pools, etc.. are good games in terms of hope of winning?

Absolutely not. Why all these games have a mathematical hope of winning ranging from 3% to 30% of them are from this point of view of the bad games.

What 'is the best game in terms of hope of winning?

Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and nuts because these online games the house edge is minimal (1-3%). This means that the player has a chance of winning the 97-99%. In all these games really a skilled player can easily achieve a sustainable advantage.

Maintain a mathematical hope of winning more than 98%, how do you?

There are many methods. If you play Baccarat you only have to focus on the counter. If you play Blackjack you have to hone their game strategies, trying to memorize the cards that have come before. If you play video poker you have to manage their bets on what they have learned from previous rounds.

How do I start playing at casino Online?

First of all you should choose the casino you want from the list of our page. Then you should follow the instructions of installazione.Si remember that the installation is completely free.

You can try to play without real money?

Of course I do. After installing the casino that you choose to can play in two modes. The first is real money, ie deposits and winnings are true. The free money mode (play for fun) allows the player to simulate the game without winning or losing real money.

How much can you win?

Videpoker jackpots and slots can even reach high figures, over a million of money Roulette can duplicate their capital in a little while: if you tip money on the simple chances (red-black, even-odd, manque-pass) you get twice as much puntanto.

Need to connect to broadband internet to play?

No, no need, even if the games move so fast broadband is almost certainly a necessity to play better. If you are playing at a low table, you can play with a dial up connection, and probably there would be no problem.
But if you play at the tables with higher limits or you want to play more tables at once then it is advisable to broadband.

Agrees to Sports Betting?

It is not easy to say.
One can make speeches probabilistic in general, and therefore that does not depend on the individual game, In addition it is also true that their preparation of the bettor can make a difference. An expert on horse racing, football etc.. certainly has a good chance of winning the bet, that a principinate in this field. The variables to be taken into account are many, to be considered as psychological factors, physiological and contingencies that may arise.

What does RGN?

The software that generates the "numbers coming out" is denonima RGN (Random Number Generator) is a calculation of the outputs based on the last million numbers out of all the players from all over the world, so as to give each player the same chance of winning.

What does it mean percentage payout?

The games that are found in casinos have a percentage of winning an average of 95%, and that in some cases comes to exceed 98%.

Where are the casino server?

These servers with the highest standards in the world are located in Kahnawake, Canada.